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The CycleBeads app, a digital platform for the Standard Days Method (SDM), a modern method of family planning, helps women achieve or prevent pregnancy, or track their cycles using the only their period start dates. Over a 6-cycle period in seven countries —  Egypt, Ghana, India, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda — the app’s developer conducted social […]

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This study assesses the competency and acceptability of community-based provision of Standard Days Method (SDM) to first-time users in Rwanda. The national strategy equips community health workers (CHWs) to resupply pills, injectables and condoms to existing clients. With the aim of expanding access, SDM provision to first-time users was added to the method mix in […]

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The article “Systems approach to monitoring and evaluation guides scale up of the Standard Days Method of family planning in Rwanda” published in May 2014 by Global Health: Science and Practice journal describes how a successful pilot program to integrate the Standard Days Method (SDM) of family planning into existing Ministry of Health services was scaled up […]

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Integrating the Standard Days Method® (SDM) into family planning programs provides an opportunity to test innovative strategies to engage men in family planning. The publication Engaging Men in Family Planning Service Delivery: Experiences Introducing the Standard Days Method (SDM) in Four Countries gives particular attention to the role that SDM plays in encouraging cooperation of the male […]

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Keywords: journal article, Studies in Family Planning, 2005, Standard Days Method, SDM, Lundgren, Gribble, Greene, Emrick, de Monroy, Cultivando el interés de los hombres por la planificación familiar en las zonas rurales de El Salvador, Metodo de Días Fijos, MDF, male involvement, Spanish

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Keywords: Collar del Ciclo, Collier du Cycle, cyclebeads, MDJ, MJF, SDM, French, spanish, Contraception, 2008, Une optique stratégique pour l’introduction contraceptive : l’expérience de la Méthode des Jours Fixes, Estrategia para la introducción de anticonceptivos: La experiencia del Método de Días Fijos, Gribble, Lundgrem Velasquez, Anastasi

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Keywords: Collar del Ciclo, Collier du Cycle, cyclebeads, MDF, MJF, SDM, Spanish, French, Arevalo, Jennnings, Sinai, Efficacité d’une nouvelle méthode de planification familiale : la Méthode des Jours Fixe, Eficacia de un nuevo método de planificación familiar:el Método de Días Fijos

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Keywords: Peru, Standard Days Method, SDM

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Fertility awareness-based methods of family planning help women to identify the days of the cycle they should avoid unprotected intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Therefore using fertility awareness-based methods influences the timing of sexual activity, which may affect the nature of the sexual relationship. Data are used from the clinical trials of two fertility awareness-based methods – the Standard Days Method […]

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Keywords: Standard Days Method, SDM, CycleBeads, Social Marketing, Social Marketing Quarterly, Kavle, Eber, Lundgren

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