Regardless of culture, class or country, family planning has traditionally been viewed as the woman’s responsibility. Furthermore, men are often seen as a barrier to family planning use. In some settings, men must give permission before their wives can receive a method, and some men refuse family planning simply because of misinformation about its effects on the health of the woman.

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The Global Health Innovation Project at the Stanford Graduate School of Business recently included CycleBeads® in the Global Health Innovation Insight Series—a collection of vignettes that capture interesting issues, learnings, and ideas regarding the business-like challenges that global health innovators face when bringing social innovations to scale.

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In the article, “Melinda Gates launches family planning summit, says ‘no controversy’ around birth control,” the Washington Post ‘Under God’ blog elaborates on the details of the International Family Planning Summit in London in July 2012 and Melinda Gates’ April 2012 TED talk. Victoria Jennings, Executive Director of IRH, is brought into the conversation.

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