What you would say if someone on the street asked you today, “True or False: Having sex during a certain time of the menstrual cycle can increase the chance of getting pregnant.” Setting aside the fact that this situation would be strange and unlikely, would you know the answer?

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This hanging tapestry art piece (on left) is unnamed, but represents an artist’s understanding of the Tékponon Jikuagou Project vision (on right). Meaning Behind the Art The original project vision sketch (on right) was drawn at the first Benin Tékponon Jikuagou staff meeting in 2012, revised in late 2013, and represents what the project hopes to accomplish […]

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[Originally posted as a Bedsider Article Feature here] Understanding your body’s natural cycles can be useful for getting pregnant—and for avoiding pregnancy. Contrary to popular myth, pregnancy is not possible every time a woman has sex. With a little bit of effort every day, it really is possible for a woman to understand which days she can get […]

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