The Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University (IRH) is looking forward to the March 30 launch of ‘The Mother & Child Project,’ a collaborative book that features the stories and perspectives of various politicians, celebrities, pastors and global health advocates like IRH’s Executive Director Dr. Victoria Jennings, Melinda Gates, Kay Warren, Hillary Clinton, Desmond Tutu and […]

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The New York Times article “In Egypt, Sowing Seeds of Gender Equality” describes Choices, a program originally piloted by Save the Children in 2009 in Nepal with a goal to empower adolescents, through systematic thought reasoning and behavior change, to challenge the accepted social gender norms in their community.

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WASHINGTON—Widespread among adolescents, intimate partner violence and sexual violence can place young people on a lifelong trajectory of aggression — either as victims or perpetrators — endangering their sexual and reproductive health now and in the future.

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