Let’s start with a quick quiz. What do all of these three quotes have in common? “I won’t get pregnant the first time I have sex.” “If you’re breastfeeding, you won’t get pregnant.” “Birth control causes health problems. You may never be able to have children if you use it.”

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We are pleased to announce that IRH has recently been awarded a new five-year project, Passages, by USAID to build the evidence base and contribute to the capacity of the global community to strengthen normative environments that support reproductive health, especially among very young adolescents, newly married youth, and first-time parents.

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WASHINGTON (July 21, 2015) — The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded $30 million to Georgetown University Medical Center’s Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) to fund its Passages Project, which aims to improve healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies among youth and first-time parents in developing countries.

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