WASHINGTON (April 23, 2018) — Researchers from Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) published a new paper detailing the process of recruiting participants for year-long prospective study to measure the efficacy of an app for avoiding unintended pregnancy.
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The IRH team is preparing to travel to Bali, Indonesia for the 2018 International Social and Behavior Change Communication Summit and we want to ensure our colleagues and partners know where to find us.  
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March 1, 2018 | 2:44 pm | Gita Shah, FACT Project Program Coordinator (Save the Children)
Jagtarain had an arranged marriage at the age of 18, became pregnant, and lost her first pregnancy without ever talking with her husband about their plans for parenthood. A year later, Jagatarain was pregnant again, and again it was a surprise to her and her husband. Traditionally, Nepali couples do not openly discuss babies, and why would they? After marriage, babies “just happen”.
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