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The Passages consortium hosted a technical consultation of experts on February 29 – March 1, 2016 to provide guidance to the Passages project regarding its potential contributions in: (1) advancing measurement of social norm change in research and program evaluation, (2) good practice in developing and implementing effective, scalable normative interventions, (3) selection of two promises normative interventions for scale-up practice technical support.

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Cherchez-vous à intensifier les interventions de santé sexuelle et reproductive (SSR) fondées sur des preuves? En 28 Juin, les membres des projets de Tékponon Jikuagou et GREAT ont discuté des conseils sur l’optimisation des normes sociales positives, la conception pour la mise à échelle, et pour faciliter l’intégration intersectorielle.

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Where will you be on January 25 – 28? As IRH anticipates the International Conference on Family Planning 2016 in Bali, Indonesia in January, we want to ensure that our many partners and colleagues know where they can find us during the four-day event. We have a number of exciting presentations, panels and posters to share that […]

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The Passages project aims to address a broad range of social norms, at scale, to achieve sustained improvements in family planning and reproductive health. This research project is building the evidence base and contributing to the capacity of the global community to strengthen normative environments that support reproductive health, especially among very young adolescents, newly […]

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In 2013, with funding fromUSAID, IRH conducted an initial review of recent literature and programs on male engagement in sexual and reproductive health. The review showed that the practice of engaging men in sexual and reproductive health programs is not yet clearly defined, and evidence of its effectiveness is still accumulating. This brief is based […]

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[Originally posted on JSI’s The Pump Blog] In order to achieve FP2020’s goals and ensuring that people have access to a broad range of contraceptives, it is essential that the Standard Days Method® (SDM) be included as part of the family planning (FP) modern method mix in health facilities and community-based family planning (CBFP) programs. […]

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[Originally posted on Pathfinder International‘s Blog here] As the founder of Big Steps Outreach Network, an organization in Cameroon providing young people with skills, tools, and opportunities, 26-year-old Victor Abongwa pays close attention to the sexual health needs of his peers. “Sexual and reproductive health sets young people in the right direction,” he said as a […]

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Since the early 2000s, the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University (IRH) has introduced and tested the Standard Days Method® (SDM) in a variety of service delivery settings around the world. Under the Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) Project, IRH and partners scaled up SDM services in family planning programs in the Democratic Republic of […]

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On 25 July, 2013, the Institute for Reproductive Health hosted an event titled, “Lessons Learned from Scaling up a Reproductive Health Innovation: Implications for Future Work.” This event marked the last in a series of technical meetings organized by IRH during the final year of the USAID-funded Fertility Awareness-based Methods (FAM) Project, a project striving […]

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This executive summary and full report present conclusions from a six-year, five-country initiative conducted by the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) and its many in-country partners to scale up Standard Days Method® (SDM) of family planning. SDM is itself not the topic of this document. Rather, the SDM scale-up experience is the source of the […]

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