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Addressing gender is implicit in our work. We view gender equity —the differences in access and opportunities between women, men, boys, and girls—as a cross cutting issue that must be embedded throughout the design and evaluation of all of reproductive health programs.

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Early adolescence is a critical transition period in young people’s lives. Yet this age group is often overlooked by youth-serving programs.

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Beginning with the end in mind.

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The community mobilization process engages and empowers leaders — such as elected councilors, clergy, and teachers — to drive the change they want to see.

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Cherchez-vous à intensifier les interventions de santé sexuelle et reproductive (SSR) fondées sur des preuves? En 28 Juin, les membres des projets de Tékponon Jikuagou et GREAT ont discuté des conseils sur l’optimisation des normes sociales positives, la conception pour la mise à échelle, et pour faciliter l’intégration intersectorielle.

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IRH is first and foremost an applied research organization that focuses on implementation science; monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE) is intrinsic to our work.

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[Originally posted on the Young Lives blog here] We are all familiar with the age-old adage “knowledge is power,” but it rings especially true for very young adolescents (VYAs) as they enter the period of intense physical, emotional and social change that is puberty.

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Do you struggle to reach adolescents on issues related to gender norms, sexual and reproductive health, or gender-based violence in an engaging way? Join the Gender Roles, Equality and Transformations (GREAT) Project team for a webinar reviewing the GREAT Project’s results, and learn how to apply the project’s lifecourse approach to your ASRH programs. Hosted by the VYA Alliance, sponsored by the Passages Project.

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Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) in collaboration with Search Institute conducted survey research to test whether positive relationships, opportunities, values, skills and self-perceptions (developmental assets), measured by Search Institute’s Developmental Assets Profile (DAP) survey, are significantly associated with SRH outcomes. IRH developed SRH indicators to add to the original 58-item DAP survey to create the “DAP+”. SRH indicators included […]

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GREAT is a set of activities to engage adolescents and adults in discussion and reflection about how to help girls and boys grow into healthy adults.

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