About the Toolkit

This Toolkit was created to engage adolescents and adults to transform gender and reproductive health outcomes by learning about their bodies, reproductive health, gender-based violence and gender roles and act to support changes in the home and community for adolescents. It includes Flipbooks, Activity Cards, a Radio Discussion Guide and a Community Game.

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Flipbooks for Girls

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Flipbooks for Boys

Two flipbooks in story format help very young adolescents learn about growing up GREAT, understanding body changes and seek advice on how boys and girls can live more equally.

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Activity Cards: Married/Parenting Adolescents

Three sets of activity cards: one set of cards for girls and boys 10 to 14 years of age, one set for young men and young women 15 to 19 years of age, and one set for newly married and parenting young people from 15 to 19 years of age. Each activity card is meant to be used on its own to stimulate a fun group activity that includes a discussion on equality, reproductive health and safety from violence. A set of fact cards are included for reference. A subset of these fact cards is intended for younger adolescents 10-14 years: the body maps and questions and answers.

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Radio Discussion Guide

13 guides that groups can use to discuss specific topics and characters from the GREAT radio drama. The guides allow people to talk first about those stories and characters they most enjoy, and then focus the groups’ attention on themes in the drama. Finally, the guides encourage groups to talk about how these same issues affect their own communities and how they could be addressed.

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Community Game

One life-sized canvas game board and four sets of game cards. There is one set of game cards for each type of group: 1) very young adolescents, 2) older adolescents, 3) newly married and parenting adolescents and 4) adults. Each game card set has four categories of questions which help people learn and discuss reproductive health, safety, equality and being GREAT!

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Episode 1 Script

The Oteka Radio Drama is a 50-episode story that is aired on local radio stations in the project area. It tells the stories of several families in the imaginary village of Oteka who are faced with challenging decisions about relationships, sexuality, violence, alcohol, sharing of resources and responsibilities, and parenting. Read the script for Oteka’s first episode for a sense of the radio drama’s characters and tone.

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