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“Moving from theory to practice: A participatory social network mapping approach to address unmet need for family planning in Benin,” published in Global Public Health, details the participatory social network mapping methodology used in the Tékponon Jikuagou project.

Tékponon Jikuagou used social network theory to identify influential members of the community who would be able to disseminate new ideas about family planning. Community members identified individuals and groups in their network and ranked ranked their influence as related to health, well-being, and community connectivity. The team could then approach these influencers and support them through reflective dialogue activities

Evaluation of this process (including in-depth interviews, monitoring data, and evaluation reports) showed that the method was well accepted by both the community and project staff. The method validly and reliably identified those in the community who were well connected and influential, laying the groundwork for social change.

Keywords: Tékponon Jikuagou, TJ, Benin, social mapping