Social Network Analysis can be represented through social network maps like those below. In these maps, each node represents a single person while links between them show relationships between individuals. Social network maps provide both a visual and a quantitative snapshot of human relationships, as they illustrate how people are connected and share information with […]


The Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change brought together over 80 participants from over 30 organizations at a Summit meeting on May 22, 2019 to discuss and reflect on the collective goals,  accomplishments and future opportunities for the Learning Collaborative to advance theory, measurement and scale-up of social norms practice to improve health and development outcomes […]

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Early adolescence is a critical transition period in young people’s lives. Yet this age group is often overlooked by youth-serving programs.

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The Responsible Engaged and Loving (REAL) Fathers Initiative aims to build positive partnerships and parenting practices among young fathers (aged 16-25)  to reduce the incidence of intimate partner violence and physical punishment of children. These REAL Fathers Implementation Guidelines for Adaptation and Use are part of a series of documents to guide practitioners in implementing REAL […]

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Studies conducted by IRH in numerous countries, and corroborated by Demographic and Health Surveys and other studies, have shown that few women, men, and adolescents really understand their fertility and the way in which their bodies work.

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A guide for group learning and counseling on fertility awareness and family planning


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This report presents the findings of the endline survey of the Gender Roles, Equality, and Transformations (GREAT) project. The GREAT project aimed to develop and test life-stage specific strategies to promote gender-equitable attitudes and behaviors among youth and their communities with the goal of reducing gender-based violence (GBV) and improving sexual and reproductive health (SRH) outcomes […]

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Beginning with the end in mind.

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EDEAN’s Approach to Increasing Fertility Awareness and Demand for Family Planning in Karamoja, Uganda