What is Standard Days Method® (SDM)?


Beginning with the end in mind.

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Gender-based violence is recognized as a significant health and human rights issue that prevents women, families, and countries around the world from achieving their full potential.


What is TwoDay Method®?


Working with Faith-Based Communities: Baseline Findings from the Masculinité, Famille et Foi Study in Kinshasa, DRC

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The Strengthening Couple-Centered Family Planning Project, supported by the John Templeton Foundation, sought to create a supportive environment for family planning through partnership with faith-based organizations (FBOs) and religious leaders. From 2016-2018, IRH supported FBOs in Rwanda and Uganda to expand their family planning services.

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Guided and informed by the systems-oriented approach espoused in the ExpandNet scale-up framework, this compendium represents a distillation of knowledge and tools for scale-up monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE) developed and used by IRH to provide stakeholders timely monitoring information to inform scale-up decisions, learn throughout the process, and  evaluate achievements. We have developed this […]


Researchers from the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University Medical Center studied women’s use of the Dot app for pregnancy prevention over 13 menstrual cycles, or about one year. The study, published in the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Healthcare, is the first to test a fertility app using best-practice guidelines for […]

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CycleTel™ was an SMS-based mobile health (mHealth) product, and the first family planning method available directly to a woman via SMS in India. CycleTel was developed to transform how family planning is accessed and used by women.