Welcome to the CycleBeads® Integration Guide, a resource for U.S.-based family planning programs who wish to integrate the Standard Days Method® (SDM), used with CycleBeads, into their services.


Technology is changing the world as we know it. We have never been more connected to information or to one another. The internet and mobile phones are shrinking our global borders and providing individuals with access to information and markets like never before.

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This working paper, developed by the Theory Group of the Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change (LC), proposes a tailored conceptual framework that articulates the relationship between social norms and adolescent sexual and reproductive health outcomes. The goal is to increase the clarity and rigor of design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs that address […]

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After more than 20 years of civil strife, the people of northern Uganda face considerable sexual and reproductive health challenges stemming from the massive disruption of services, internal displacement, and erosion of traditional social and family structures.


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This Supplement comprises an editorial on the history of and path forward for social norms research; four commentaries, including one each from the Learning Collaborative measurement, theory, and scale-up learning communities; a review article on scaling up normative change interventions; and five original peer reviewed articles. These articles, which contribute to the evidence base for […]

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The Strengthening Couple-Centered Family Planning Project, supported by the John Templeton Foundation, sought to create a supportive environment for family planning through partnership with faith-based organizations (FBOs) and religious leaders. From 2016-2018, IRH supported FBOs in Rwanda and Uganda to expand their family planning services.

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This document, authored by the Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change, is one of a series of working papers that advance research and practice on normative change for AYSRH. The working paper adds to a discussion of social norms theory and programming by considering the unique characteristics and requirements of scaling up NSI specific to […]

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IRH is first and foremost an applied research organization that focuses on implementation science; monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE) is intrinsic to our work.

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