The Passages consortium hosted a technical consultation of experts on February 29 – March 1, 2016 to provide guidance to the Passages project regarding its potential contributions in: (1) advancing measurement of social norm change in research and program evaluation, (2) good practice in developing and implementing effective, scalable normative interventions, (3) selection of two promises normative interventions for scale-up practice technical support.

Meeting Report

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Cristina Bicchieri | University of Pennsylvania, Penn Social Norms Group 

Measuring Social Norms

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Betsy Costenbader and Rachel Lenzi | FHI 360 

Review of literature on social norm measurement related to modern method use: Approach & results to date 

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Leigh Stefanik | CARE

Theory into Practice: Measuring Social Norms for Gender Transformative Programming 

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Douglas Storey, | Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs 

Social norms measurement in action: Contraceptive use 

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Robert Blum | Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 

The Global Early Adolescent Study: a 15 country study of the evolving nature of gender and social relations 

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Lori Heise | London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Initial Thoughts on Conceptualizing and Measuring Social Norms 

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Rebecka Lundgren | Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University

What we said today! Words of wisdom 

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Susan Igras | Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University 

Brad Kerner | Save the Children

The Intersection of Norms Interventions and Scale Up: Implications for Passages 

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Stephanie Oum | Save the Children

Scaling Up Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health (AYSRH) Social Norm Interventions: Literature Review Findings

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Susan Igras | Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University 

Fostering successful scale up of normative change interventions

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Prabu Deepan | Tearfund

Transforming Masculinities: Promoting gender equality and positive masculinities 

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Melanie Yahner | Save the Children

Growing Up GREAT

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