The Responsible Engaged and Loving (REAL) Fathers Initiative aims to build positive partnerships and parenting practices among young fathers (aged 16-25)  to reduce the incidence of intimate partner violence and physical punishment of children. These REAL Fathers Implementation Guidelines for Adaptation and Use are part of a series of documents to guide practitioners in implementing REAL Fathers. The Implementation Guidelines are accompanied by several core materials:

  • REAL Fathers Mentor Training Curriculum: Training curriculum for mentors.
  • REAL Fathers Mentor Discussion Guide: Session by session guide for mentors to use in home and group mentoring sessions. Examples of session by session posters are in this guide.
  • REAL Fathers Mentor Resource Sheets: Brief guides that highlight main points from each session for mentors to use during mentoring sessions.
  • REAL Fathers Women’s Group Sessions: These were added to REAL Fathers scale up to gain involvement and support by wives and to understand how they experience the project.