What is TwoDay Method®?

TwoDay Method® is a fertility awareness method of family planning that uses cervical secretions to indicate fertility.  A woman using the TwoDay Method checks for cervical secretions at least twice a day. If she notices secretions of any type, color, or consistency either “today” or “yesterday,” she considers herself fertile.  The method user keeps track of the days with secretions on a card or an app.

Secretions are a reliable indicator of fertility. When a woman has cervical secretions, she is potentially fertile and can become pregnant from unprotected intercourse.  TwoDay Method appeals to women who want to use a hormone-free method regardless of cycle length. The TwoDay Method was developed for women interested in a natural approach that relies on their body’s signs and symptoms of fertility.



A multi-site efficacy trial found the TwoDay Method was more than 96% effective in preventing pregnancy with correct use. With typical use, it is more than 86% effective. These efficacy rates are similar to those of other user-directed methods.

How does TwoDay Method work?


  • A woman checks for secretions at least twice daily as soon as her menstrual bleeding stops. Secretions are anything that the woman perceives as coming from her vagina, except menstrual bleeding.
  • A woman may feel moisture at the opening of her vagina or see secretions on toilet paper, her underpants, or her fingers.
  • Secretions generally start a few days after her period stops. Once secretions start they continue for several days in a row followed by days without secretions.
  • If she does not notice secretions today AND yesterday (two consecutive days without secretions), pregnancy is unlikely today.
  • If she notices secretions either today OR yesterday, pregnancy is likely today. She must avoid unprotected sex today to avoid pregnancy.

Useful facts | Secretions have several key functions:

  • Secretions make it possible for sperm to live up to five days in a woman’s body. Without secretions, the acidic environment of the vagina will cause the sperm to deteriorate quickly.
  • When cervical secretions are very fluid (more watery, around the day of ovulation), they serve as a medium for the sperm to navigate into the uterus. This fluidity allows the secretions to flow down the vaginal walls making them easily noticeable for the woman at the opening of her vagina or vulva.
  • When secretions have little water content (on the infertile days), they form a sticky plug at the opening of the cervix, which is impenetrable by sperm. With less water content, secretions do not flow down and are not noticeable to the woman.

Where to get it


A woman can begin using TwoDay Method right away if she is eligible. To obtain the 2Day App, visit www.twodaymethod.com.

TwoDay Method services are being provided in the United States, Guatemala, Peru, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Programs interested in adding TwoDay Method to their method mix are encouraged to access  more information in the “Key Resources” section.

Key Resources

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Evidence & Research

Efficacy Study

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